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Theology Department:

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible &Theology Program - 128 Credit Hours
  • Diploma in Theology - 64 Credit hours.
  • Certificate in Christian Ministry - 36 Credit hours.

Counseling Department:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling – 128 Credit Hours.
  • Diploma in Counseling - 64 Credit hours.
  • Certificate in Counseling – 36 Credit Hours.

One Year Non Non-Academic program:
¨ Certificate of Attendance in Christian Ministry
¨ Certificate of Attendance in Christian Counseling

The faculty of ATS acknowledges the importance of a broad curriculum, which will lead to the development of Christian ministers who are adept in general, life skills, in addition to ministerial and theological training. 

The requirements for Bible, Theology, Counseling, Church Ministry, and General Education courses provide the ministerial student with both the theoretical and applied training necessary for a church-related vocation. 

The requirements for General Education courses are designed to give the student a broad-based education appropriate for any educated person, regardless of academic major.  These General Education courses provide an awareness of the major elements of human existence and an appreciation of the different academic disciplines. 

A combined learning strategy of classroom instruction, research, and practical application is utilized to maximize the resources of instructors and the participation of students.  Four major areas of study and general electives make up the Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Programs.

When students have completed the required blocks of study, they should be able to:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Relate the present to the past through an under-standing of the historical process
  • Apply analytical and critical thinking skills to problem solving from the perspective of a leader of the people
  • Observe and interpret human behavior within the milieu of social and cultural diversity
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